Ah, you.

Hidden under a tree, I found.

A nameless dairy, no address on it.

Written on the torn pages, was a soul. 

Trapped in it.
It read:

Under the moon and stars I am.

Sleepless. Wide awake.

I have bathed in this night’s ink.

I have turned darker.

Darker than you left me.
Do you remember our cold, sleepless nights?

The way we warmed ourselves by the warmth of each other’s body.

The way you slept on me. 

The way I covered myself with you.
Do you remember?
Between the lines, over the leaf, it was written,

Pages stained with teardrops read:
My heart still pains,

Sadness hitting me like the waves hit the rocks.

Eddies of blood and slashed flesh I smell.
I remember your name,

It makes love to my heart,

The way wine does to my brain.
I remember you a lot, I see.

Don’t you remember me?
For time is a ball of wool,

Everyone cuts out their own cloth,

The shirt I had weaved is now torn.

I know my time has come.
You don’t remember me anymore, I know.

For I am an old forgotten poetry.

Scribbled on torn pages,

Hid under a tree.

The Unconquerable.

My head is hurt, but unbowed.

My body is crushed but my soul unconquerable.
Beyond this wrath and menace,
I shall lay unafraid.
I am charged with punishments,
But i have never cried aloud.

From this blackest pit, i shall rise.
Rise above all horizons.
Like a wind I shall sweep,
The odds and frantic minds off the land.

For a free man has the strength,
To move the earth and heaven.
Nothing lies more powerful,
Than heroic hearts and strong will.

A new day will be born,
For those who stand long.
The skies will echo with laughter,
And the flowers will bloom with glory.

Power Of Words.

I slay dragons,
and calm hurricanes with my words.
You are just a mere stroke of my pen.
This whole universe, my little notebook.

Words – my weapon, cut deeper than knives,
and also heal severe wounds.
They make your cheeks go red,
or set your brains on fire.

I can imprison you with my words,
or set you free like a bird.
My words give hope.
My words take life away.

 I am immortal. For I will never die.
Will always remain in my words
and in my lover’s heart.

I am the God of my world.
The devil also.

Rusted Diamond.

Hark my words, the mighty men.
A lone, wolf I am.
Shrinked and decayed.
But dare fight me, only to die.

Ruling the black waters, sailing with pride,
to take down the horizon,
with all my might.
Yo -Ho! The Black Pearl, I am.

Not to flock in a pack,
But to hunt down one.
Fearless is my spirit, to conquer the world.
You know I am the Eagle, flying through the mountains.

A rusted Diamond, I am.
Not to be spotted in a trove,
But treasured deep down the seas.
For the world to discover me

Everything but nothing.


I am really tired of plastering happiness on my face, putting on a fake smile and keeping my tears at bay. I am lost most of the time, especially when surrounded by people.

I spend my time staring at the night sky, looking at the stars as they stare back as if reaching for my dark soul. Living alone in the square shaped houses isn’t an easy task. You get bored of yourself, you know. My window opens to one of the busiest streets of the city. I look around at the people, walking down the footpaths with ambition on their face. I smile at them hoping they look at me and return the favour. Even a fake smile does heal a deep scar. But, no success. Sigh.

I need someone who understands me, who talks to my soul and my heart. I need a shoulder to cry on. I feel so lonely. I want someone to hold me in her arms and tell me that it’s all gonna be okay. Someone who helps me put on a  genuine, sincere smile on my face.

A Devious Weapon: The Pearl.

The vivid, serene star.
Shining so bright in this vesper twilight.

Speaking with innocence.
With so much love and tenderness.

Like the sunflower gazing,
At the afternoon sun.

Like a droplet of dew,
On the viridescent grass blade.

So powerful, yet peaceful.

It makes the peacocks vauntingly dance,
It makes the flora to smile.
It lets the nightingale so melodiciously sing.

It decorates the well crafted beauty of the beautiful face.
Like stars that shine on a cloudless moonlit night.

Your eyes speak a thousand words, lady.
A devious weapon it is,
killing and mesmerising at the same time.


Artwork: Anubhav Roy

The arsonist.

Run away.
The arsonist is here.

Go live in a place, beside a pool.
Where everything is good and beautiful.
Dont you see the devil?
The devil in my eyes.
It’s bad for you. It is bad.
It kills you from within.
Eats you up like a cannibal,
Thirsty for blood. Tearing my meat from my lively body.

Run away.

The demon is here.
I am the arsonist.
I laughed while the fire kissed my brains and caressed my heart.
Its over. All over for me.

The end is here.
I am burnt.

Run away.